Global Multimedia School is a Vocational High School (SMK), founded in 2017 which provides solutions and answers to today's challenges, where the average school is generally too theoretical, monotonous and does not prepare students with qualified skills to be implemented into life.

Through this school, we have a field of expertise in Multimedia Design which consists of Graphics, Photos, Videos, 3D Animation, Interactive, and Business.  Supported by equipment and educators who are coming from the industry, making our school, a school that is oriented towards industry-level standards.

Combining creative curriculum from the UK and Korea makes our school, the first creative school in Indonesia that requires students to play games, read comics and watch films.  In the era of industry 4.0, we also encourage and teach our students to have an entrepreneurial spirit, where all our students are required to have their own business idea and apply it to the real life.

Exclusive Seats!  Our school limits the number of students per 1 batch of 90 students, to ensure the quality of the education that we provided, and to make sure the outcomes by each every individual of our student is realized as expected.


To become a center for generating young creative digital resources with integrity, character and international competitiveness.


Providing a creative, high quality and adaptive learning activities for national and international needs


 Creating graduates with character, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and competitiveness both locally and internationally


Keep enchancing technological developments to be implemented in teaching and learning activities


Keep updating our educators' knowledge with developments that occur both locally and internationally on a regular basis